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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental


Interpretation Equipment Rental

Providing simultaneous interpretation services requires the use of specialized equipment that allows the interpreters to isolate the sound of the presenter from other sounds in the room as well as from their own voices while they are interpreting. This allows them to clearly hear the presenter and to focus, without distraction, on providing an accurate simultaneous interpretation without any need for the presenter to pause. This equipment is normally called simultaneous interpretation equipment, simultaneous translation equipment, or conference interpreting equipment.

At Infinity we maintain an inventory of state-of-the-art interpretation equipment and a team of expert technicians who are always on hand during your event to ensure that everything goes perfectly. We can provide all of the equipment that you will need to provide a smooth, professional interpretation service at your event. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable which allows them to come up with creative, on-the-fly solutions in order to adapt to quickly changing circumstances that often occur at conferences and other live events.

In addition, our services are completely mobile and scalable allowing us to provide whatever level of service you need at virtually any location both within the United States and abroad. We can also provide highly skilled simultaneous interpreters for your meeting.

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Interpretation Equipment Sales

We also sell simultaneous interpretation systems including portable, wireless, "tour guide" type transmitters and wireless receivers as well as more complex, stationary interpretation systems. To see our online store for simultaneous interpretation equiment sales click here. Or if you don't find what you are looking for on our store just ccntact us for a custom quote.

Portable Interpretation Systems


Portable Wireless Transmitters

If you are looking for portable interpretation systems we carry portable, "tour guide" type transmitters and receivers. These compact, belt clip transmitters (pictured at left) are well suited for meetings where using a full, stationary interpretation system with booths is either not possible or not appropriate. They are quite powerful and can also be used in situations in which the full interpretation set system is either not feasible or not appropriate. These transmitters are available for sale or rent

Wireless Interpretation Receivers

Available for sale or rent, our compact, digital wireless interpretation receivers are the best solution for superior sound quality, flexibility and value. They can be used with portable transmitters or with larger, more powerful, stationary transmitters that are used with our full interpretation systems and interpretation booths. They are field-programmable and can be set to 5 preset channels and can accommodate up to 10 channels, making them the most versatile receivers on the market today.

Our interpretation receivers are extremely easy to use which means your meeting attendees will not be distracted trying to figure out how to operate them. The lock feature allows you to lock the channel selection, thus avoiding any accidental change of channel. They are ideal for large-scale events (suited to event halls and conference halls seating 1,000 people or more) as well as for broadcasting to just a small number of attendees in a small venue.

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Full Interpretation Systems

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When booths are necessary or portable systems are not sufficient, we use full interpretation systems which include some of the most sophisticated interpretation equipment on the market. These include Williams Sound, and Listen Tech products which are comprised of interpreter consoles and transmitters which transmit to our wireless interpretation receivers (pictured in the section above). These systems are truly state-of-the-art and are very flexible allowing them to be adapted for use in many different situations. This equipment allows us to manage interpretation to and from many different languages at once with flawless sound quality.

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Interpretation Booths

Fully-Enclosed Booth: When providing a full interpretation system we provide our portable, sound proof simultaneous interpretation booths that make sure that the sound of the interpreters’ voices do not escape into the room and become distracting for the meeting attendees as well as ensuring that sounds within the room and from the other interpreters do not distract the interpreters while interpreting in the booth

Tabletop Booth: When there is limited space or other constraints we can provide a tabletop interpretation booth which is not fully-enclosed but blocks the interpreters in front, above, and on the sides and does a good job of keeping their voices from drifting into the room and distracting attendees who are not listening to the interpretation.


Interpretation Equipment for Hybrid Meetings

We have significant experience providing interpretation equipment for hybrid meetings including meetings where some attendees are not on site but need to hear the interpretation, as well as for meetings in which the interpreters are remote but some of the listners are on site at the meeting. Using a special combination of cameras, streaming equipment, and technology including an online simultaneous interpretation platform we are able to ensure that everyone can listen to the interpretation whether they or the interpreters are on site or off site. Using remote interpreters can save space when the room is small and can save a lot of money on travel costs in cities where there are not qualified local conference interpreters for many languages.

Where We Operate

We have interpretation equipment and simultaneous interpreters in various locations throughout the US and abroad, which allows us to provided our services in all major US markets, as well as many international locations, including, but not limited to, the following:

For a free quote, more information or, to schedule simultaneous interpreters and/or interpretation equipment, contact us. 1.888.423.1875.

Interpretation Equipment Rental to Interpretation Agencies

Infinity is happy to provide interpretation equipment and technician only services to interpretation agencies or any other client who has contracted interpreters separately and only needs to rent the equipment. When providing services for interpretation agencies we are committed to being there as representatives of your company and do not make any attempt to establish a direct relationship with your client.

History of Simultaneous Interpretation

If you would like to read about the history of simultaneous interpretation we suggest that you check out the following wikipedia article which discusses the use of simultaneous interpretation at the Nuremberg trials, which is one of the earliest known examples of simultaneous interpretation being done in the modern way, using specialized audio equipment.