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Simultaneous Interpretation Services and Interpretation Equipment Serving Las Vegas, NV

Do you need simultaneous interpreters and/or interpretation equipment for your Las Vegas meeting?  With years of experience providing simultaneous interpreters, simultaneous interpretation equipment and skilled technicians for Las Vegas meetings Infinity Translation Services is the place to call for the highest quality simultaneous interpretation services at competitive prices.

Our Simultaneous Interpreters (a.k.a. conference interpreters or simultaneous translators)

Simultaneous interpretation is a skill that requires a great deal of experience and training to acquire and do well.  It is not something that any bilingual person or even your typical consecutive interpreter can do without significant training.  For this reason we only hire experienced, highly trained and educated simultaneous interpreters.

Whenever possible we try to provide local, Las Vegas area interpreters for your meetings.  However, due to the difficulty of simultaneous interpretation and the rarity of those skilled enough to do it, there are not always qualified interpreters for each language available in the Las Vegas area so we sometimes have to bring interpreters in from out of town.  When this is necessary we will always let you know well beforehand and will include all travel costs in your cost estimate.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (a.k.a. simultaneous translation equipment)

We have spent years testing various brands and types of simultaneous interpretation equipment in various meeting scenarios.  This experience allows us to know not only what is the best interpretation equipment, but also what type of equipment will work best for the type of meeting that you are planning.  With this knowledge we can avoid situations in which the limitations of the interpretation equipment end up limiting the structure of your meeting.  It is this type of knowledge and forethought that allows us to provide a much higher quality service than our competitors for meetings in Las Vegas.

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Equipment Only Services

If you have your own interpreters but still need to rent interpretation equipment in Las Vegas we are happy to provide our equipment and technician services separately and work with your interpreters.  For more detailed information about our interpretation equipment, (aka. simultaneous translation equipment), click here or contact us now for a free quote. 1.888.423.1875.

What Sets Us Apart?

As one of the few companies specializing in providing both simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment in Las Vegas, Infinity Translation Services has the unique position of having an in depth understanding of both the interpretation side and the equipment side of simultaneous interpretation services.  This gives us an understanding of both the needs of the interpreters and what is necessary for them to do their best work, as well as giving us an in depth understanding of the functionality and limitations of simultaneous interpretation equipment enabling us to know what type of equipment is appropriate for a any given meeting situation.  This allows us to anticipate problems and recommend changes that can sometimes mean the difference between a successful multilingual meeting or a complete communication breakdown.

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What Languages Can We Provide?

Most requests for simultaneous interpreters are for the more common languages of Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, French, Korean, Russian, Italian, Arabic and German, however, we can provide simultaneous interpreters for virtually any language that you require.