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Infinity Translation Services specializes in providing high quality simultaneous interpretation services and interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings, seminars and trade shows.


With our experienced project managers, our reliable simultaneous interpretation equipment, our well trained technicians, and our network of highly skilled conference interpreters of over 100 languages, we can provide dependable conference interpretation services for your meeting. Whether you need to purchase interpretation equipment for your organization, or you need us to provide simultaneous interpreters and interpretation equipment rental for your international conference, no matter what the language or subject matter, you can trust us to do it right. We have established a reputation for quality and service that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Experts in Simultaneous Interpretation Services.

Dependable, Quality Interpretation Equipment Rental & Sales.

Skilled, Experienced Simultaneous Interpreters.

Experienced, Reliable Technicians.

Experience With Presidents, Congressmen, CEOs, etc.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

We provide top quality simultaneous interpretation services including carefully selected, highly skilled, simultaneous interpreters (also called "conference interpreters") of all major languages, capable of clearly interpreting very technical subjects for your conference or meeting attendees. Moreover, our expert project managers will assist you in the planning and management of these services at your conference.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipment (sometimes called "translation equipment") for rental or sale. This includes portable transmitters and receivers or full systems with fully-enclosed interpretation booths and knowledgeable, on-site technicians to set up and monitor the equipment during your meeting.

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