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Expert Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Los Angeles and San Diego

We provide expert simultaneous interpretation services in Southern California including the Los Angeles and San Diego area. As specialists in simultaneous interpretation for conferences our company focuses almost exclusively on this area of the translation market which gives us the expertise needed to ensure that the interpretation of your meeting goes as smoothly as possible and provides seamless communication between language groups. We have provided our services for multiple heads of state, members of congress, state governors, CEOs and celebrities. We have achieved an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality services which has earned us customers like NBC Universal, Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon and many others. So, if you need experienced interpreters, high quality simultaneous interpretation equipment, and expert technicians and project managers please contact us for more information.

Our Simultaneous Interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation requires more than simple fluency in two languages. It is the highest and most difficult form of interpretation and requires significant training and experience. As such, at Infinity Translation Services we carefully vet every interpreter that we select for simultaneous interpretation services in order to ensure that they have the skill and experience level needed to provide flawless simultaneous interpretation services for your meeting. There are many low cost interpretation companies in the market who hire low cost interpreters in order to ensure that their quotes are lower than those of their competitors. This is an especially bad problem in the Los Angeles and San Diego area. The problem with this is that low cost interpreters are also low skilled interpreters who often cannot keep up with the fast pace of simultaneous interpretation for a live conference. This can often result in the breakdown of a meeting because the interpretation is of such poor quality. At Infinity we only hire the most skilled interpreters even when this means we will have to charge a little more in order to do so. We refuse to compromise on quality because we feel that accurate communication of the presentations at your meeting is an important responsibility which we take very seriously.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Providing the right kind of interpretation equipment for your meeting is essential to getting high quality simultaneous interpretation. At Infinity we have experience with every kind of meeting scenario imaginable and can recommend the exact kind of equipment that is most appropriate for your meeting. We own all of our own equipment and we have the experience and expertise necessary to understand exactly what your meeting needs and anticipate possible problems that might arise and address those issues with you during the planning stages so that they do not cause any problems during your meeting. We can provide full interpretation systems with booths for the interpreters or less complicated portable interpretation systems. For very large meetings to very small meetings you can count on us.

To find out more about our Southern California simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals click the link or contact us now for a free quote. 1.888.423.1875.

What Languages Can We Provide?

While we can provide qualified interpreters for virtually any language, some of the most common languages requested are Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic and Korean.

What Sets Us Apart?

Most translation agencies are primarily providers of written translation services. They rarely provide interpreters for simultaneous interpretation and almost never actually own their own interpretation equipment. Instead they contract it from companies like ours. There are other companies that only provide equipment and don't provide interpreters or know anything about what interpreters really need to do their jobs. As a result both kinds of companies usually only really have an understanding of one side of the service, either the equipment or the interpreters. Since we specialize in providing both, we know very well what the interpreters need in order to do their jobs well and what equipment will best help them to do that. This more complete knowledge of simultaneous interpretation is essential to us being one of the most trusted providers in the industry.

To read more about what makes our company a top provider of simultaneous interpretation services please check out our Why Choose Us page.

Equipment Rental Without Interpreters

Some clients have their own interpreters and just need us to provide the interpretation equipment. In those cases we are happy to provide high quality equipment and skilled technicians to work with your interpreters. Whether providing interpreters or not our dedication to ensuring the highest quality simultaneous interpretation services for your meeting remains the same.

So, if you have your own interpreters or have contracted interpreters separately and need us to provide the equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.