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Expert Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

We provide expert simultaneous interpretation services in Arizona, covering the Phoenix and Tucson areas. As specialists in simultaneous interpretation for conferences, our company focuses almost exclusively on this area of the translation market, ensuring expertise for seamless communication between language groups. Our services have been trusted for meetings featuring multiple heads of state, members of congress, state governors, CEOs, and celebrities. With a stellar reputation, we've served clients like NBC Universal, Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others. If you need experienced interpreters, high-quality simultaneous interpretation equipment, and expert technicians and project managers, contact us for more information.

Our Simultaneous Interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation demands more than simple fluency in two languages. It is the highest and most difficult form of interpretation, requiring significant training and experience. At Infinity Translation Services, we carefully vet every interpreter for simultaneous interpretation services, ensuring the skill and experience needed for flawless interpretation. Unlike low-cost interpretation companies, we prioritize quality over price. We understand that accurate communication is crucial for your meeting, and we refuse to compromise on the quality of our interpreters.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Providing the right interpretation equipment is essential for high-quality simultaneous interpretation. At Infinity, we have experience with various meeting scenarios and can recommend the exact equipment suitable for your meeting. We own all our equipment and have the expertise to anticipate possible problems during the planning stages, ensuring a smooth meeting. Whether it's full interpretation systems with booths or portable interpretation systems, we cater to meetings of all sizes.

To learn more about our Arizona simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals, click the link or contact us now for a free quote: 1.888.423.1875.

What Languages Can We Provide?

While we can provide qualified interpreters for virtually any language, some of the most common languages requested include Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, and Korean.

What Sets Us Apart?

Most translation agencies focus on written translation services, rarely providing interpreters for simultaneous interpretation. We, on the other hand, specialize in both interpretation and equipment. Our comprehensive knowledge of both sides of the service makes us one of the most trusted providers in the industry. To discover more about what makes our company a top provider of simultaneous interpretation services, check out our Why Choose Us page.

Equipment Rental Without Interpreters

Some clients have their own interpreters and only need us to provide interpretation equipment. In such cases, we offer high-quality equipment and skilled technicians to work with your interpreters. Our dedication to ensuring the highest quality simultaneous interpretation services for your meeting remains the same, whether or not we provide interpreters.

So, if you have your own interpreters or have contracted interpreters separately and need us to provide the equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.